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geauxfishFirst, let me just say that I think it's charming that anything with a long o sound in South Louisiana gets spelled eaux.

So it's no surprise that my favorite local sushi and hibachi restaurant is named Geaux Fish.

Not only does it have a cool, local-styled name, but they also have two fantastic vegetarian choices: vegetable sushi rolls and vegetable tempura . . . oh and they also have vegetable spring rolls, though I can only handle one fried item per meal and the tempura gets my vote.

Vegetable tempura is basically vegetables dipped in a very light batter, fried, and then served immediately with tentsuyu sauce — kind of a sweet soy sauce — for dipping. My favorite vegetables for tempura are broccoli, green beans, sweet potatoes and mushrooms. But you can basically do any veggie.

My grandmother was born in Asia (the Philippines to be exact, but they also lived in China and other countries) to missionary parents and is a fantastic vegetarian cook . . . especially Japanese food. She taught me how to make vegetable sushi and happily slaved away over tempura for us. It's funny how you have no idea how much of a pain something is until you grow up and try to do it for yourself. . . . so I eat at Geaux Fish until I can make it to my grandma's kitchen in Northern California (remember that Air Force brat thing . . . . yea, that means my family is all over the freaking place. . . no good, really).

Anyway, while tempura is best fresh, it and the sushi still make pretty good takeout when you just can't stand the thought of managing your kids in public . . . which would be me tonight!



sushi_rousesSushi is great vegetarian. Most people look at me crazy when they know I don't eat meat and I say I like sushi. But, really, it's delicious.

I picked up this all-green, avocado and cucumber sushi roll at Rouses. They don't stock this on the sushi counter's shelves, so just ask the sushi chef behind the glass for a vegetarian roll and he'll make it fresh, just for you in 5-10 minutes.

Veggie sushi is also great with carrots — they happened to be out when I ordered this. And if you make it at home, I love to add Kampyo, a pickled gourd. I like the canned version and I've seen it at Rouses near other Asian products.