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honey_combOh, and because I scrapped our original dinner plans for fresh 12th Street Bakery bread . . . I had to stop at the grocery store for a few things.

What is the old saying, "Never go to the grocery store hungry"? ย . . . .ESPECIALLY with kids?

So my 8 year old spotted this honeycomb from the Savannah Bee Company. Indeed it looks really cool. Supposedly you chew on the wax until the honey is out and then spit the wax out.ย I'm game. I love trying new, nonmeat things. So I looked quickly for a price, didn't see one and just tossed it in the mini cart as I grabbed for my 3 year old who was dashing, tripping and dancing in front of carts. Basically being psychotic. The girl behind the deli counter even asked if she could get me a cart with a child seat for him . . . . no, this is a trial run with him "walking." And we all say, the trial is OVER.

Anyway, we made it to the checkout with about five items. The woman checking us out chatted about how cool the honeycomb was. I told her I was probably paying for its coolness.

And on the way out, clinging to pscyho's shirt with the older one driving the cart, I looked at the receipt . . . wait for it. . .


Yes, I just typed $18.99 for a roughly 5-inch square of honeycomb.

And did I turn around? No. I would rather pay $18.99 for something I throw in the garbage, then go back in the store with two, miniature crazy people. . . I think . . .

This better be damn good.