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sushi_rousesSushi is great vegetarian. Most people look at me crazy when they know I don't eat meat and I say I like sushi. But, really, it's delicious.

I picked up this all-green, avocado and cucumber sushi roll at Rouses. They don't stock this on the sushi counter's shelves, so just ask the sushi chef behind the glass for a vegetarian roll and he'll make it fresh, just for you in 5-10 minutes.

Veggie sushi is also great with carrots — they happened to be out when I ordered this. And if you make it at home, I love to add Kampyo, a pickled gourd. I like the canned version and I've seen it at Rouses near other Asian products.



soap2Since I moved here, I've gotten used to driving all over to find the organic, natural products I love. And one of my stops has been the Rouses Epicurean in Houma that has a much larger organic section than my local store in Thibodaux.

But, this week, I went to Houma to get some stuff. And, I was shocked to find that pretty much the only thing they carried that my local Thibodaux store didn't was soap. What?? I'd noticed that the Thibodaux Rouses had started carrying a lot more natural, organic products since I moved here, but I didn't realize how far we'd come.

So I know we have a long way to go, but it's good to see the community is buying healthier stuff. And Thibodaux is turning me into a small-town girl . . . because I'm glad I don't have to drive all the way to Houma anymore (it's only about 30 minutes).



tortillasSo I'm loving these tortillas made by some "Cajun Gringos" in New Orleans.

They've got flour and corn tortillas as well as wraps like whole wheat and spinach — a lot of variety.

I'm a corn tortilla girl, but my boys like flour. Either way, these are great as a quick snack for the kids . . . or me  . . . heated with some raw cheddar cheese (I'll get on a raw cheese discussion later). Right now, I've found them at Rouses in both Thibodaux and Houma . . . .

So HOLA NOLA! Only in South Louisiana do they pull off the strange combination of so many different cultures, languages and food traditions. Mais yeah cher.

nola_la_heartNEW ORLEANS



Love this lettuce — it's local, grown in a cool way and tastes great.

Rouses Supermarket, especially the Epicureans, are great about carrying local stuff (though one can never be sure how long they will carry it — usually just long enough for me to get hooked and then I never see it again . . . but that's another topic). And this beauty is what I picked up today.

Hydroponically grown means it's grown without soil and the nutrients are in the water. It's pretty cool because there are less pests . . . no soil . . . and therefore less or no need for pesticides. It also produces a beautiful plant that stays fresh for a long time. This particular lettuce is mild with a velvety texture. It's also versatile — we like it on sandwiches and in salads.



king_cakeIt's Fat Tuesday and we're ready to party! . . . oh wait, it's 35 degrees and raining. Hard-core revelers are still out at the parades this last day of the Mardi Gras season. We are not that. So we watched the local coverage of the New Orleans' parades and celebrated inside with a traditional king cake.

I love the tradition of this Mardi Gras cake because you can only get it (well, mostly) during Mardi Gras season. For my Yankee friends . . . and, according to South Louisianans, that includes East Tennessee. . . .that's between Twelfth Night, Jan. 6, and Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. Another part of the tradition is the baby. It used to be baked inside the cake and whoever got the baby had to buy the next cake. Now, I'm sure to keep people from choking and suing, the baby sits in the middle. Either way, my boys fight over the baby.

King cake can have lots of variations and fillings, but, after lots of taste testing, I prefer the basic king cake — a cinnamon-roll type cake that has loads of white icing and then covered in loads of purple, green and yellow sugar. And, I know it's crazy, but my favorite is from the Thibodaux-based grocery chain, Rouses. I've tried all the fancier kinds, but, I'm a journalist at heart, and I like to KISS (keep it simple stupid).

So I know this isn't a healthy post, but it's Mardi Gras, it's cold and I'm sober. I'm having cake.