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And after a massage, the world feels like this . . .

I'm all about finding your bliss. And today, I found peace and well-being with a massage from Dru at Essential Massage.

She beats me up . . . not really, but finds tense muscles, for sure! . . . . entertains me and always teaches me something new about how important muscles are to overall health. Today I'm learning about the psoas muscle. And let's just say a rigid psoas muscle can wreak all kinds of havoc on all kinds of stuff. Yoga anyone?

So one of my contributions to living well and locally today was a tension release for a crazy, busy life. I know things like exercise, massage . . . and healthy eating . . . can be the first things to go when we're stressed and harried. . . but every time I make the time, I realize how NOT doing these things helps perpetuate the cycle of stress and craziness.

So here's to refocusing on living wholly and peacefully, with a deeper connection to ourselves and each other.