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salsaI have issues with salsa around here. Like, why do Mexican restaurants give you hot salsa β€” as in tomato soup? Maybe it's me . . . I've had several local friends say they like cooked salsa. But my favorite salsas are fresh with lots of bright flavors that typically can't be found in a jar . . .

. . . that is until I discovered Malco's Magnificent Salsa from Baton Rouge.

I actually had two new salsas to try, Joseph's Garden Salsa from Madisonville and Malco's.


So the family had a taste off of the two local salsas. We tried each one with chips and on cheese quesadillas. And there was absolutely no comparison. Let's just say the Joseph's is pretty much full, still in the fridge and Malco's is long gone.

Joseph's was OK, it was just like most other bottled salsas . . . muddled flavors with limp, if any, veggie presence. And Malco's was just such a nice surprise. 

I haven't given up on Joseph's Fine Foods, though β€” I plan to try some of their pickled veggies next . . . maybe even their "Zesty Brussels Sprouts." My husband is puking somewhere right now . . .

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