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basilFresh herbs can make such a difference in food — adding a freshness and complexity that the dried version just can't. My black . . .OK, maybe just a really dark green . . . thumb loves them enough that that's one of the few things I attempt to grow (lucky for me, most are pretty easy).

And for the times I've killed my herbs or just didn't think to grow it, I've discovered Jacob's Farm, a micro greenhouse in downtown Baton Rouge. So far I've gotten several beautiful little packets of basil, parsley and spearmint as well as lettuce in my farm bundle.

The owner and grower, Kris, is perfecting the art of gourmet hydroponics — working to deliver lettuce year-round in a place that typically only sees lettuces through April. And since he grows them hydroponically, that means it's grown without soil, so no need for pesticides or herbicides. This no bug or dirt thing makes for some beautiful, and delicious, plants. And, they keep longer than traditionally grown lettuces too — up to 2 1/2 weeks.

Right now he's keeping it small, selling mostly to family and friends while he focuses on maintaining quality while growing year-round. So you can find his herbs and lettuce at Country Table Delivery, who first supported him. Or, you can check his will-be-done-in-a-month website (jacobsfarmbr.com) and keep an eye out at local grocery stores for his stuff. Don't worry, you'll recognize it — it's the herbs and lettuce that's so perfect it almost looks plastic.

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