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genealogyMy mom and I worked on genealogy when I was at home last week . . . and since then, I've gone a little berzerk. Like I've traced my husband's family back to the 1600s in Spain on one side and the 1500s in France on the other . . . who then moved to Acadia, Canada, and then here. 

So yesterday we decided to take his mom and go on a little day trip to the family homes and gravesites and take pictures to add to the family tree. We took some pictures of his South Louisiana heritage and found some South Louisiana good eats along the way.

We started in Paincourtville to find the grave site of a relative who drowned in Bayou Lafourche at age 10 and his sister who died after shooting herself in the leg . . . . hmmmm . . . Anyway, we decided to stop for lunch in Donaldsonville on our way to Brusly and randomly found The Grapevine Cafe and Gallery when I did a quick search for lunch options. And it was such a nice surprise β€” a creative, locally inspired menu in a gallery of Alvin Batiste art. Not a lot of vegetarian choices, but the portobello fries with garlic aioli were delicious. And across the table, my husband was raving about the blackened redfish with lemon butter . . . if you like that kind of thing . . .

We had a few more stops and ended up at two cemeteries . . . that are now in the 'hood . . . in Baton Rouge for a couple of great-great grandparents. We also stopped to see Mike the Tiger . . . because that's just what you do when you have little boys and are in Baton Rouge.

On our way back south, I was searching for a new local place to get dessert and came across some locally produced caramel apples, Le Posh Pomme, sold at Alexander's Highland Market. So we stopped. And, I can't believe I just discovered this market. Its whole focus is local food and they carry all my favorite stuff. Now, I will forgive myself a little . . . it just opened a little over a year ago. But still. Anyway, they are sooo conveniently located south of Baton Rouge just off of I-10 by the Blue Bayou Waterpark. It's closer than Whole Foods, has more local stuff and is missing the frantic, watch-out-for-the-crazy-yuppies Whole Foods' experience.

We never found the caramel apples, the bakery people said they hadn't seen them in a while, but that they're really good and sell out really quickly. Hmmm, Le Posh Pomme, be on notice, I'm hunting you down. But we did find some locally made bread from Our Daily Bread bakery and I finally got a bottle of the locally made Re:'s dressing/marinade that I've been wanting to try. I'll let you know what I think.

So it was a good day β€” tripping with my family, tracing their family's steps and finding new local foods.