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jamI've decided that you have to find people in your life that celebrate and understand what you're trying to do and what brings you joy.

I know, that was a little esoteric. But I've had 8 hours of driving home from visiting my sister in Dallas to think about this . . . 8 hours listening to my 3 year old play loud games on his iPad while simultaneously listening to the song Danger Zone on eternal repeat.

Anyway, back to joy. I can get bogged down in the daily drudgery/details of anything that I actually love. There are only so many days I can take putting effort into either planning, buying or making a healthy, locally-driven meal when I'm met with 6 rolling eyeballs that clearly say, "you're going to make us eat that?" I truly love good food from local places. But my boys . . . and just a busy, hectic life . . . sometimes suck the life out of my enthusiasm.


And . . . cue sister. My little sister is one of my best allies in healthy, local food joy. She and her three beautiful girls live in Dallas (yes, God gave her all the girl people and me all the boy people โ€” I'm still figuring out the fairness of that) and she is one of the most committed and adventurous food people I know.

Her last two girls are actually twins, and it was their second birthday this last week. So I got to hang with my girls and enjoy the camaraderie of someone who shares my food joy. I brought some local veggies and balsamic vinegar and we did a little Louisiana-meets-Texas grilling feast. We tried an amazing all-vegetarian Indian restaurant, Kalachandjiโ€™s. We cooked. We ate at her favorite local food spots. We feasted on a gorgeous split personality birthday cake by Bronwen Weber โ€” cuz my nieces could not possibly be any more different.

And, like most foodies, she is incredibly generous and sent us off with some of her favorite local pistachio tart cherry biscotti and orange marmalade. I've already eaten one packet of the biscotti . . . . And, even more importantly, she sent me off with a renewed love of celebrating fresh, local foods. I needed that.

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