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elgatoI love Mexican food . . . . but I don't love tasteless, Americanized "Mexican"-like food smothered in plastic cheese. And that's pretty much all I find around here.

But my husband introduced me to El Gato Negro in the French Quarter before I even moved here and I fell in love with the bright, fresh flavors. They've also opened up one in Destrehan, which is much closer to Thibodaux and just as good as the original.

So on our way to Biloxi for the weekend, we stopped at the Destrehan location with the whole crew. And let me say they have a ton (more than one is a ton in this area) of vegetarian options that are seriously good. My three year old loves the "wah-ka-mole-ee" they make table side.

This time, I got the three cheese enchiladas. Now I know the picture doesn't look like much, and yes I know that is a whole lot of sour cream . . . . but what made it was the side of orange-oregano salsa. It was fresh, sweet, bright and a perfect complement/pick-me-up to what could have been a heavy cheese dish β€” often the case when people are trying to cook without meat.

gato_margaritaThey also have the best seasonal orange and lime margaritas on the planet made with fresh lime and orange juice. Matter of fact, they made me think I liked margaritas . . . . which, after trying way too many, I found out is not true. I hate margaritas. Except theirs. And I love them.