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redstickI know that title totally sounds ridiculous . . . but, really, this pomegranate balsamic vinegar from Red Stick Spice Co. in Baton Rouge is amazing.

My husband actually told me about this company last fall after seeing it referenced on Tiger Droppings (yes, that place where I try not to look at the computer to see what he's laughing at . . . because I've done it before and been sorry . . . it's a man place, you know).

Anyway, being me and loving local stuff, especially as gifts, I bought several oils, vinegars, tea and spices for my mom, sister and mother-in-law for Christmas. And they loved them. Which was fun until I realized I didn't get myself anything.

And, after trying this vinegar, I can't believe it took me several months to go shop for myself.

caprese_recipeI put it on my caprese salad last night, but it would be fabulous just with oil as a salad dressing, reduced over ice cream (I know, that sounds a little freaky at first, but reduced balsamic vinegar makes a sweet syrup that I personally love) . . . . or licked off your finger . . .

And my sister suggested it on her favorite, easy chard recipe.

Easy, Go-To Chard
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  1. * * my sister doesn't use measurements . . . * *
  2. Ghee/butter/olive oil
  3. Dried cherries, roughly chopped
  4. Onions, roughly chopped
  5. Chard, deribbed if the ribs are tough . . . if from a farmer, it's likely tender enough
  6. Pine nuts, toasted
  7. Balsamic vinegar
  1. Sautรฉ dried cherries and onions in ghee/butter/olive oil until soft. Toss in roughly chopped chard and sautรฉ until tender. Top with pine nuts and drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Serve.
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