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wwThis has been a very long week. I think because the time changed. I think because we're nearing the end of the school year. I think because I'm always "over it" by this point. Either way, I needed a break today and decided to drag one of my favorite students to one of my favorite local places to eat lunch — Weeping Willow.

This little cafe in downtown Thibodaux has good coffee, homemade desserts and a good vegetarian sandwich — the Caprese.

First, let's settle on exactly how you say this. It's Italian and the Italians say ka-pray-zay. But I'm always stressed about what to say because Americans look at you crazy, roll their eyes and say things like, "oh the KA-PREESE"? Sure, yeah, whatever.

Anyway, pronunciation aside — you pick how you want to say it — Caprese is traditionally fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil with salt and olive oil. And it's absolutely my favorite salad. Weeping Willow changed it up a little with regular mozzarella, baby lettuces and pesto. But it's light and fresh and a great alternative to traditional meat sandwiches. The week is looking up. . . or is that because I can smell the weekend?