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athenosSo we're geauxing Greek (and Lebanese) in the big Thib!

I've been patiently waiting for Athenos Cafe to open, watching the progress inside and keeping an eye out for the neon open sign to light up. 

They actually opened last week, but I was in Texas . . . and my really sweet husband, who was home, waited for me to get back (it's the little things y'all).

Anyway, I've been excited about this place first because I love any kind of Mediterranean food, and second because up until now, Chinese has been exotic for Thibodaux.

I know you're supposed to give new restaurants a little while to get into a groove before trying them . . . but I just couldn't wait. So since I knew better and went anyway, I'll forgive the hostess asking my mother-in-law, who came in by herself, if she wanted a table for two (my mother-in-law asked us later if she looked that big) . . . and I'll forgive the wait staff for getting a little confused with table orders and for them being out of falafel (fried patties made out of ground chickpeas).

I ended up getting the vegetarian plate with hummus, grape leaves, spanakopita (spinach pie) and eggplant musaka. And it was good. I'm a little spoiled by Greek and Lebanese food in bigger cities, like Mr. Greek and Lebanon's Cafe in New Orleans. But this was good. And I expect they'll get even better the longer they are open.

I know I'll be back. It's fresh and a completely different flavor palette than anything else in town. So geaux for the big vegetarian menu and geaux to support a new food adventure in Thibodaux.