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meAt Arnaud's in New Orleans . . . probably unhealthy, but most decidely local and full of charm.

I'm just an Air Force brat from everywhere who married a boy who lived in the swamp.ย So I moved from East Tennessee where I was mostly a vegetarian to Thibodaux, Louisiana, where they eat things like crawfish and alligator.

The food transition was tough for me at first โ€” this is the land of fried, spicy and sweet โ€” but I came to realize that South Louisianans have a unique commitment to local food, companies and goods. And that is so much better than any Whole Foods store down the road. So this is just a record of myย hunt to find Louisiana's food that's fresh, local and life building.

*note: I am still mostly a vegetarian. My friends are working their hardest to get me to eat weird animals . . . . but this blog is mostly about non meat stuff.


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