A Vegetarian Thai Dinner

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curryThai food is crazy diverse with awesome, rich flavors that don't need meat. And my favorite Thai food nearby is Song Phi Nong in Houma.

I usually get red curry with tofu. But the other day I was chatting with my seriously tall Australian student and he looked down at me like I'd lost my mind . . . . "Nobody eats that. Try the green curry." But I don't like chunks of eggplant and green peppers . . . .Β  "Try it." OK.

And you know what, the big chunks of eggplant were really good in this coconut milk-based sauce. And he's right, it's a new favorite.

Just one quick piece of advice . . . the spice levels are kinda unpredictable. I'm sort of a big sissy and don't like much spice. And even though I've learned to ask for no spice, it was still so spicy once that I couldn't even eat it. Like sweating, chugging water kind of spicy. So I said something and the waitress was just like, oh OK. I've decided you get what you get.

So I asked the Aussie if he had any trouble with the spice. No. But then again, when you're 6'7", most people know better.



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4 thoughts on “A Vegetarian Thai Dinner

  1. Janita Herod

    Love the reviews, and Thai is a favorite of mine too. I'm so stuck on Tofu Pad Thai that I don't venture out much because I think "what if I don't like it as much as the Pad Thai then I've missed a chance to have something I really love" so ... I take a bit of Dwight's order (if he'll let me, lol) and sit there enjoying my "usual" order!

    1. Post author

      Well, then maybe I can talk you into coming over the river/swamps and through the woods/sugar cane fields to the ends of the earth to eat with us??


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