A Little Non-Seafood at Mike Anderson’s

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m_andersons2Every time we go to Baton Rouge, my husband tries to talk me into eating at Mike Anderson's Seafood . . . he says it's an institution there. Problem is, I hate fish and anything that comes from the sea. And he knows it.

But, I guess I was feeling giving . . . maybe it was the Easter break . . . and I went to make him happy . . . and hopefully to get him to stop suggesting it. Anyway, the obvious part is that there was basically nothing on the menu without some kind of seafood in it.

Except one: the fried green tomato poboy.

I don't do fried very often, but this was delicious and so worth it — a fun take on two Southern specialties: fried green tomatoes and poboys. On the side I got the sweet potato fries. I was a little on fried-food overload, so I chose the baked option, which makes for a soft textured and rich flavored fry . . . I guess without being fried it's then just a slice/wedge/chunk?

Anyway, there may only be one thing on the menu I like, but it's good enough that I don't think I'll mind when he suggests this again. And I did have fish . . . . just as my plate 🙂

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